FCC Sonoma is alive and well! Although we cannot gather for worship in our lovely sanctuary or be together on our campus, we are finding ways to worship God, to care for and support one another, to pursue new ideas and grow spiritually, to seek justice and serve those in need, and to advocate for the care of the earth. Click here for information about Zoom worship services, sermons and music on YouTube, weekly newsletters, and ways that you can be involved in the ongoing life of FCC Sonoma.

We laugh freely and rejoice in the wonder of God’s love and care, while investing our energy, our courage, and our creativity in building a world of justice and equal opportunity for all.


We affirm our high calling to care for all creation and to seek justice for the oppressed, ever-conscious of the socioeconomic dimensions of climate change and ecological disruption and its effects on global inequality.

We are spiritual seekers who embrace Jesus’ message of love and compassion, and often find ourselves more comfortable with questions than answers. We value science, culture, and the wisdom of other religious traditions.

In the spirit of love, we welcome people of every age, economic status, ethnicity, physical ability, nationality, race, religious background, and sexual orientation to participate fully in all aspects of our church’s life and ministry.



I made a date to go out for lunch with a colleague of mine once we’d both been vaccinated and waited through the two-week, post-vac window.

When that day finally arrived I was surprised at how clunky the visit was, how jittery I was by being with someone in person. When I saw her, I didn’t hug her. I didn’t even really go near her for a long while. When she finally hugged me, I could not relax into it. I was okay once we sat down to eat at an empty table, but as soon as another family sat down beside us I popped up like a Jack-in-the-box searching for a table further away. This was instinctual; my flight response was fully activated, which also meant that I didn’t really enjoy the end of the visit because I never really calmed down again. I went home and had to take a nap immediately. Wow, if this is what it feels like to come back together, it is gonna be messy. When I read this interview between Krista Tippet and clinical psychologist Christine Runyan, it all began to make a little more sense. Oh, it’s still going to be messy, but at least now we can understand why.
Our Nervous Systems in the Time of COVID, by On Being (dailygood.org)

Continue to be gentle with yourselves friends and allow spaciousness to go slowly as together we navigate the shifting sands of regathering in person.

With Easter hope,


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