Leadership Directory

Moderator: Elizabeth Griego

Vice Moderator: Joan Howarth

Secretary: Gitte Cochrane

Treasurer: Susan Kelchner

Assistant Treasurer: Candi Horton

Property & FinanceBill Hutchinson

Worship: Brian Smucker

Social Action: Janice Mattison and Dotty Abbott

Earth Care: John Donnelly

Ministerial Relations: Susan Kelchner

Peace Committee: Ellen LaBruce and Brian Smucker

Education: Kathy Jewell

Hospitality: Patricia Henley

Caring Friends: Jan Edwards

Nominating: Linda States

StewardshipAlexanne Bassett

Women’s Fellowship: Judy Weiner

Historian: Patricia Serota

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual Faith Group:

Endowment Committee: Winston Vaughan

Webmaster: Kathy Aanestad