Church Ladies & Gents for Gay Rights

Church Ladies and Gents for Gay Rights

Church Ladies and Gents for Gay Rights

This year, 2018, we are expanding our efforts to collaborate with First Congregational Church Santa Rosa UCC and Community Church of Sebastopol UCC to have a booth and march in the parade at the Sonoma County Pride celebration on Saturday, June 2, in Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa. We are church folk, using humor and love to display our support for the basic dignity and rights of our LGBT brothers and sisters. Our Church Ladies for Gay Rights “drill team” camps it up with big hats, little white gloves, pearls and handbags, waving white hankies and blowing kisses at the crowd – but our message is serious: God loves everyone.

Sponsored by the First Congregational Church of Sonoma UCC, the Church Ladies & Gents for Gay Rights will join United in Spirit in the annual San Francisco Pride Parade June 24. It is open to people of faith who want to demonstrate that our beliefs prompt us to support equal rights for all.

When and where we meet:
We meet on an as needed basis. Typically we will hold one to three planning sessions before the event, to coordinate transportation, costumes and all other aspects of our Pride Parade participation

Chair or contact person: Patricia Henley, Ellen Labruce, and Kathy Aanestad.

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