Caring Friends

Member helping at skilled nursing facility

Karen Making Smiles

Caring Friends (formerly Lay Care) is an “Open Arms” ministry whose mission is to provide loving assistance to all who may be in need in our congregation. This includes those who are ill, immobile, lonely, or simply in need of some TLC, short- or long-term.

We invite all members of the congregation to help their fellows by offering their gifts to those in need, such as, but not limited to, cooking, reading to, household needs, transportation, pet sitting, sending cards and notes, and the like. To that end, congregation members have added, and will continue to add, their names to a list of those willing to be called upon to assist in particular ways.

In the year ahead, we hope to engage increasing numbers of congregation members in the caring network. There will also be events where all helping congregation members will be invited to share experiences and ideas. At times we will sponsor a speaker talking about various important caretaking issues, such as “What Is Palliative Care?” “Legal Liabilities to be Aware Of,” “Diabetes,” “Vision and Hearing Issues,” “Finding Good Quality Residential Care,” etc. The entire congregation will be invited to these speakers’ presentations.

When and where we meet:
Regular meetings as needed.

Members and friends making sandwiches for migrant workers

Making sandwiches

Chair or contact person: Sara Donnelly