Education Committee (formerly Spiritual Formation)

Our mission is to support young people as they explore and share God’s love in community by providing opportunities and experiences. Four committee members.

We look for activities in which the youth can participate and contribute, in order to broaden their sense of community. These include UCC’s Synod, Camp Caz, Family Game Nights, Sunday school, fundraisers, and service projects so they see God in every individual, including themselves. Two year term.


Our Youth Rock!

Our Youth Rock!

This Committee has the primary responsibility for planning and implementing programs for Christian education for children and young adults.

The Education Committee:

  • recruits and coordinates volunteer teachers
  • determines the curriculum and acquires the necessary materials
  • manages the Sunday School facilities
  • organizes youth and family camps, among others those at Camp Cazadero
  • coordinates the availability and granting of scholarships to these camps
  • organizes seasonal events such as those associated with Easter, Palm Sunday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. in order to increase the significance of these days for the children and the Congregation at large
  • oversees the youth group for middle and high school age students
  • assists with the confirmation class in consultation with the Minister
  • arranges fund raising opportunities to support above mentioned activities

When and where we meet:
Meet monthly, usually on a Wednesday, at 11:00.

Chair or Contact Person: Kathy Jewell; Members: Mary Beth Halsey, Kathleen Gray, Susa Harris, Alan Kelchner, Sara Donnelly, Curran Reichert.