2020 provisional budget for FCC Sonoma

Dear Friends,

Our 2020 Stewardship Campaign was a huge success. When we set the target that would enable us to fund our 2020 budget, we knew it was big stretch. With the departure of some faithful givers and the changed circumstances of others we faced a sizable reduction. But, everyone stepped up with many generous increases and 9 new donors! We still have a few outstanding commitments that have the potential to get us even closer to our goal.

While we did not quite reach our original goal, the Council is happy to present a balanced 2020 Provisional Budget. This revised budget includes additional income from an increase in the Thrift Shop estimate of giving, a raise in the 4th of July parking rates, and a new lease in Burlingame Hall. The budget team also did a careful analysis of our utility expenses that resulted in a more accurate, lower projection of those costs.

On December 15th the congregation will have the opportunity to approve this 2020 Provisional Budget. The 2020 Final Budget will be presented for approval at the annual meeting on January 26, 2020. While we do not anticipate significant changes to this Provisional Budget, it could be adjusted slightly based on the stewardship campaign final and 2019 year-end results.

If you have any questions, please ask!

Susan Kelchner, moderator

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