2020 Stewardship – Give With A Joyful Heart

Dear members and friends of First Congregational Church,

The theme for our stewardship campaign this year is “Give with a Joyful Heart.” This is fitting, since we are indeed a congregation of joyful givers, who contribute in so many ways throughout our lives.

Two things I would like to emphasize. First of all, please understand that this year we will not be asking you to make a pledge to the church; instead we will be asking you to estimate how much you plan to give. You will receive an Estimate of Giving card in the next couple of weeks, and we will dedicate these Estimates of Giving on Stewardship Sunday, November 10.

The second issue is harder. Please be aware that even though the budget increases are modest, we are facing a very difficult challenge this year. It turns out that some of our larger givers have had to cut back their gifts for personal reasons, and some others have moved away. This means that the rest of us will need to dig deep in order to raise the funds necessary to keep our wonderful momentum going. I want to encourage you to carefully and prayerfully consider your gift this year.

Joy and blessings,


Alan Kelchner

For the Stewardship Committee: Gene Campagna, Mary Beth Halsey, Alan Kelchner

P.S. Below you will find two Goal Budgets for our church for the coming year, along with graphs and explanations of the changes. Click image below to enlarge and click 2020 Goal Budget for more details.

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