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The church was born in 1869 when a few visionaries gathered together under an oak tree every Sunday for organized religious education. It became known as the Big Tree Sunday School. Fast forward to the present where First Congregational Church of Sonoma, United Church of Christ is a diverse gathering of folk, many who would describe themselves as progressive Christians. Others might say they are just spiritual!

We share our campus and our sanctuary with our Jewish brothers and sisters of Congregation Shir Shalom and Old Adobe School. We try to live out the phrase on our sign that says “All are welcome.”

Progressive Christianity and Peace go hand in hand, so we are investigating what it would mean to become a Peace Church. As a congregation, we would discern and determine if that is our direction.

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Our community of faith knows some measure of God’s grace, compassion, mercy, justice and peace. It is our desire to share that love with you regardless of your age, race, gender, marital status, physical condition, sexual orientation, ethnic or economic background. Learn More


First Congregational Church of Sonoma, United Church of Christ is graced by its wonderful staff, Minister Curran Reichert, Office Manager/Event Coordinator Angela Ljung, and Facilities Manager, Steve Cook.
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A celebration to all those who have gone before us and now and who have built and sustained this wonderful church.
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Congregation Shir Shalom and Old Adobe School share our campus.
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Our committees serve both the church and the community.
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PDF files for CAMPUS PLANS and DOCUMENTS; Next Minister, Next Steps, Sanctuary Renovation, and What We Love About Our Church and our local CHURCH PROFILE.


The sanctuary is an excellent location for a small to moderate-sized memorial celebration of life. Burlingame Hall or our community room are available for reception activities, depending upon the size of your gathering. If you anticipate a very large gathering, we recommend using Burlingame Hall for the celebration service and reception.
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