Located adjacent to the General Vallejo Home and just steps from the historic Sonoma Plaza is the First Congregational Church of Sonoma, CA with its beautiful stained glass windows. All are welcome. We are an Open and Affirming church. Steeped in history and surrounded by scenic open country beauty, the church offers you many choices:

1) Affordable rates*:
Wedding in Sanctuary
2) No pre-marital counseling required
3) Bride’s Changing Room
4) Close to Plaza and other reception venues
5) Other officiants – OK
6) Traditional and non-traditional weddings
7) Availability of Burlingame Hall for your reception
    Please contact our Facilities Rental and Office Manager, Angela by email or phone (707) 996-1328. Thank you.

* Fees do not include Minister or Organist

Kathy and Veda photo

Kathy and Veda
(photo by Lorene Romero)

photo of Katy and Iian Pryor

Katy and Iain Pryor
(photo by Melania Mahoney)

Blessed Day marriage photo

Blessed Day
(photo by Lorene Romero)

Katy and Iian Pryor photo

Katy and Iain Pryor (photo by Melania Mahoney)


Cutting the cake photo

Cutting the Cake (photo by Lorene Romero)

Wedding dance photo

Wedding Dance on patio (photo by Lorene Romero)

wedding photo

Katy and Iain Wedding Ceremony (photo by Melania Mahoney)

photo of sanctuary

In front of the Sanctuary

Rose walk photo

Rose Walk

Chairs arranged on patio for wedding

Patio Arrangement
(photo by Melania Mahoney)

photo of wedding couple dancing in Burlingame Hall

Katy and Iain Dancing in Burlingame Hall
(photo by Melania Mahoney)

Katy and Iain cutting the cake.

wedding photo

Katy and Iain cutting the cake (photo by Melania Mahoney)

See more images of the Sanctuary and Burlingame Hall.