The Church Budget for 2017

Dear Members of the FCC Sonoma Congregation:

Attached to this email FYI is the church budget for 2017 as approved by Council. Please note that the budget reflects an increase of $28,447 over the FY2016 budget. The attached letter describes the major areas of increase.  Next Sunday, Candi Horton, our past treasurer, will be standing in for Treasurer Bill Hutchinson as he travels with his family. Candi will be available at a designated time during the service to answer any questions you may have about this budget that reflects our church priorities, the requests from our committees to fund the work of the church, and our financial obligations for the next year. We will have printed copies of the budget available at the service.

As you know, our church budget is funded largely by our annual stewardship donations and this budget will require an increase of $29,273 in pledges for 2017.  For the next month, we will be embarking on our stewardship campaign and focusing on the great things and excellent trajectory of FCC Sonoma. We will be asking for your generous support for this church and the congregation that has come to mean so much to all of us.

Thank you for all of the ways you continue to support FCC Sonoma with your time, your talents, and your treasure.

Best regards,

Elizabeth Griego
Stewardship Chair

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