The UCC awarded FCC Sonoma the title of “Creation    Justice Church” 


Only 7 UCC churches in the country have received this recognition

The UCC’s Creation Justice Church program recognizes congregations who are making the ministry of environmental justice an integral strand in the DNA of their faith community. In September 2017, our church became recognized as a Creation Justice Church by the UCC Environmental Justice Ministry. We achieved this award through a collaborative effort over several years to integrate our values of environmental justice within our church community and by standing with others in a broader movement for creation care and justice.


What Does Sonoma FCC Do as a Creation Justice Church?


  •  As leaders in Sonoma Valley's Earch Care Alliance, we host events with speakers and documentaries for Sonoma Valley residents to come together to learn and discuss important environmental issues.
  • We mobilize to influence elected officials. We actively participate in local marches and rallies on the Sonoma Plaza, we attend City Council meetings, and we write letters to our elected officials.
  • We support the faith-based climate advocacy work of California Interfaith Power & Light and actively participate with in their efforts to stop fossil fuels.
  • We foster a deep sense of connection: connection to God, to each other, and to the world in which we live. Walking together on paths and roads throughout Sonoma Valley helps us stay connected to each other and to God, while being in nature together.
  • We use our imagination and creativity as a sense of purpose that propels us to make a difference. We created the Monarch Butterfly Habitat through a special partnership with Valley of the Moon Garden Club and California State Parks, both who share a common purpose: to protect the environment.
  • We work to minimize our carbon footprint on our church campus. In 2015 we replaced our cleaning products with environmentally friendly soaps and cleaners. In 2016 we installed solar panels on top of Burlingame Hall that provides us with our electrical needs.


For more information on the Creation Justice Church program, please visit UCC Creation Justice Churches.