What is the Earth Care Alliance?

Wherever you are in life’s journey, you are welcome to join with us to take part in public advocacy activities. Whether you may be from another faith tradition, or none at all, joining the Earth Care Alliance of FCC Sonoma will help amplify our collective voices in advocating for policies, legislation, and activities addressing climate change.


We do not speak publicly for the entire FCC Sonoma congregation. We are guided by the FCC’s Earth Care Covenant, and limited to the FCC Earth Care Team’s approved initiatives.


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What Do We Do?

The Earth Care Alliance receives informational email communications directly from the FCC Earth Care Team on a regular basis (normally 1-2 per month). We help amplify our collective voices through any one or all of these options for public policy advocacy:

  • Signing internet petitions advocating climate legislation from the UCC Justice and Peace Action Network, Interfaith Power & Light,, and other environmental organizations.
  • Making phone calls to elected officials’ offices to comment on a climate change issue, speaking from background information emailed to you for a phone campaign issue, talking points, and phone numbers, etc.
  • Joining Earth Care Alliance’ lobbying delegations to visit City and Bay Area offices of our elected officials to address climate change issues and pending legislation.
  • Writing letters to local papers, to elected officials, and corporate officers.
  • Sharing and distributing information through social media connections.
  • Going on local fieldtrips (open to all) to enjoy and celebrate the beauty and sacredness of the Earth.

To become an Earth Care Alliance member, click here.