In 1996, our church established an Endowment Fund with the idea that the income from the Fund would be distributed regularly “to enhance the ministry and mission of this church.” Endowment Fund income is not to be used for regular operating expenses, but only for special projects and programs. 

The Endowment Fund Committee has a threefold mandate:

  • Be good stewards of Fund assets, seeking always to maintain the principal while maximizing income, and investing in accordance with the Council-approved Endowment Fund investment policy.
  • Ensure that income from the Fund is distributed on a regular basis, in accordance with church bylaws, and in ways that enhance the ministry and mission of the church.
  • Encourage church members to help grow the Endowment Fund through direct gifts or through estate planning, wills, and bequests.

The Endowment Fund Committee works primarily in the winter and spring, to organize each year’s funding cycle.