The Earth Care Team works with other environmental organizations to address climate change through education, encouragement, and advocacy for the use of renewable energy sources, promoting ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, making Sonoma more pedestrian- and bike-friendly, and supporting local, state, and national initiatives that address climate change and environmental justice.

Our Children's Trust


The Earth Care Team has been involved with Our Children's Trust (OCT) since 2016 when we learned of the 21 youth from diverse backgrounds throughout the US and their landmark climate lawsuit Julia v. the Federal Government.  We have supported and continue to support their efforts to secure their legal rights to a healthy atmosphere and stable climate in several ways: letter writing, raising awareness in our church congregation and extended Sonoma community, and attending the 2018 Climate Rally in Eugene, when the trial was scheduled to begin. Though there was a stop to its beginning, we were part of the several thousand citizens standing in solidarity with these plaintiffs. Now we continue to stay in touch with OCT and the youth plaintiffs and look for ways to support and help them.


Climate Change Rallies

Organizing and supporting climate change rallies and actions are ways the Earth Care Team advocates for the environmental health of the Earth.  Past rallies have included the march to Prevent Climate Change and the No on Fracking rally.

Earth Day Celebration

Each year, UCC Sonoma hosts an Earth Day festival on the Saturday closest to the national observation of Earth Day (April 22). The festival highlights local partners engaged in climate, ecology and earth justice including water conservation, alternative energy, trail building, bee keeping and wildlife conservation and habitat. In addition, local entertainment is featured and a farm-to-fork lunch is offered for a small fee.

Capacitar Training

Our Earth Care Team is working with the international network, Capacitar, a group that works in 45 countries teaching simple wellness practices, empowering people to work effectively for peace and healing from all kinds of trauma and stress.  


We are planning a training program for climate activists and anyone concerned about the future of our planet.  This program focuses on practices and methods for self-care for those planning, supporting and implementing climate actions and for those who accompany them.

Film, Speakers and Panels

The Earth Care Team sponsors a variety of opportunities to learn more about topical issues and about climate change in general. For example, May Boeve, executive director of 350.org, held a talk on how Sonoma residents can affect climate change at the local level.