FCC Event Host Job Description

The position of Event Host is established in order to provide assistance to external renters, to protect the church’s assets, and to promote positive community-church relationships.


  • Coordinate with the church office to confirm rental agreement terms including
    • dates and start and end times
    • facilities and equipment to be used
    • any agreed to setup instructions
    • table/chair setup is not the Event Host’s responsibility
  • Identify renter’s contact person, phone number, email.
  • Contact renter’s person prior to event to introduce self and confirm plan.
  • Open the facility at the contracted start time and greet the renter.
  • Turn on the lights and check the heat/air conditioning.
  • Check restrooms for paper supplies.
  • Introduce renter to the facility and answer questions.
  • Assist with A/V setup if contracted.
  • Be on hand during renter’s setup to assist as needed.
  • Once renter is set, you may leave if you provide your cell phone number in case you are needed.
  • Return at least 15 minutes before scheduled end time.
  • Before renters leave
    • Check that all trash is properly handled.
    • Check facility for any damages and document such.
  • Lock up.


  • An honorarium of $75 per event (up to 3 hours) will be granted.
  • An additional honorarium of $25/hour will be granted for any additional on-site hour or portion thereof that exceeds the 3 hour base.
  • Complete a green sheet in the office to receive the honorarium.

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