FCCS and the Community Help Victims of the Paradise Fire

FCC members and friends in the community donated almost $5,000 ($4,990) in personal checks and $2,000 in gift cards to the victims of the Camp (Paradise) Fire. In addition, FCCS donated the $1,000 remaining in its Fire Fund and Social Action gave $150 from its budget. Our congregation and others donated an enormous heap of beautiful new jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, socks, raincoats, blankets, pillows, and other goods that will surely be so appreciated by those who have lost their homes and everything they own. Elizabeth Griego has been in telephone contact with the many relief agencies working in Paradise and Chico. Newly elected Sonoma Councilman Logan Harvey, who spent three days accepting the donations from the Church Music Room, worked with a shelter in Chico that was receiving and distributing the donated goods and cash money.

Pictured below is Logan Harvey who took all of this goodness up to Chico with his fiancée Lily.

Logan Harvey

Logan Harvey, Sonoma’s newest elected City Council member working with FCCS, CSS, and Sonoma community members.

Logan Harvey

Logan Harvey – thumbs up congratulating FCCS, CSS and the community for their outpouring of love.

FCC, CSS, Sonoma Community

Members of FCCS, CSS, and the community supporting friends in need of the Paradise fires.

gift cards and checks

Gift cards and checks

First Congregational Church of Sonoma

Community working together to help the victims of the Paradise Fire. This is what we do in times of disaster…we work together to help those in need.