How Then Shall We Live

In a recent congregational convergence of minds (the group formerly known as the Education Committee), the idea was hatched that the best way to truly honor long time church members, Candi and Brian Smucker upon their departure for Oregon, is to commit to carrying on their legacy of living more thoughtfully and justly with all of God’s creation.

In the early fall, Candi drew us together to show us what a dollar a day could provide in terms of food for a family and invited us to think about living more equitably. It was a very supportive environment in which to ponder what we are already doing and what we might try doing to make help create the Kindom of God on earth.

We all know that the choices we make can feel insignificant, the journey toward a more perfect way of living often feels like two steps forward one step back. In an effort to better support one another and gain some gorund, we are dedicating the months of July and August as season of exploring the question, “How Then Shall We Live?

Here is the basic idea;

  • Knowing what we know about what makes the world a better place how can we work together to make our actions count and encourage one another along the way?
  • Talk about how we struggle to consume less and live more generatively?
  • Commit to trying something that you have never done before; paleo diet, solar panels, river clean-up day?

We will kick off the theme in both services on July 7th and after church people will be invited to cluster together and commit to engaging in a short-term small group experience. Each team will be asked to do three things;

  1. Meet three times- you will figure out what works best for your group.
  2. Take three actions toward a more just and environmentally sustainable world.
  3. Explore three resources that are share worthy and prepare to share them in worship on August 18th and 25th.

This is our gift to Brian and Candi, that they may know that their lives have impacted ours and we will keep doing the good work they have started among us.

Additionally, we will host a series of guest preachers to address the topic of what other faith traditions teach about environmental/ economic justice and sustainability.

  • July 7th Kick off How Then Shall We Live? an interactive service.
  • July 14th Rev. Peadar Dalton: What are the lessons of earth justice to be learned from Celtic Spirituality?
  • July 21st Kathryn Stark: Buddhist teachings on Environmental and Social Justice
  • July 28th David Schoenbach: Judaism and Justice; the immigration issue.
  • August 4th Rev. Wakkoh Shannon Hickey: How mind-based practices fail to address issues of systemic justice.
  • August 11th Rev. Tim Boeve: How being an Ex-Pat is informing his work as a Christian Environmentalist.
  • August 18 and 25 what have we learned and How Then Shall We Live!

*guest speakers are scheduled for 10:30 service only.

What a summer we will have at FCCS, I am excited.
Rev. Curran


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