Light Up The Darkness

In the Christian calendar a new year begins with the start of Advent. We transition from a focus on the Gospel of Luke to a study of the Gospel according to Matthew,and we begin to turn inward as the shadows outside grow long. The season of Advent is designedto offer space for contemplation and reflection. As we approach the story of the birth of Jesus, we are invited to think about what might be being born anew in us. This year, the theme for the four weeks of Advent offers a provocative summons to consider the things in our world that cannot wait.Through poetry, music, and reflection we will travel through the ideals of hope, peace, joy,and love.

  • December 1 God’s Promise Can’t Wait: HOPE can’t wait.
  • December 8 Repentance Can’t Wait: PEACE can’t wait.
  • December 15 Delight Can’t Wait: JOY can’t wait.
  • December 22 Courage Can’t Wait: LOVE can’t wait.
    •• Pageant Sunday! Join the donkeys and the sheep as they give their account of what happened in the manger, featuring special adult guest stars!
  • December 24 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, 7p.m., Sanctuary.What Can’t Wait?

But wait, there’s more…did you know Christmas lasts twelve whole days?It is not so that we have more time to sing our favorite carols-although that is a bonus-it was designed that way to incorporate the feasts of the saints that fall between Christmas morning and Epiphany, known in some cultures as Díade Reyes (Three Kings Day). I hope you trust me when I say I know the holidays can be anything but joyous for many people. We will strive for a balance between the mystery and the reality. And if you need to talk, please don’t hesitate to call me and make an appointment to check in.

Blessings of this wondrous season,
Rev. Curran