Photo Gallery

Photos of the Engagement Faire on 2019.10.13 – photos by Cathy Webber

Butterfly Garden

Photo by Cindy Lindh

Photo by Cindy Lindh

Photo by Cindy Lindh

San Francisco Pride Parade with Church Ladies and Gents for Gay Rights

Rev. David McCracken Remembered

Rev. David McCracken

Rev. David McCracken’s Memorial Celebration

Rev. McCracken's Memorial in Photos

Rev. David McCracken’s Final FCC Service and Farewell Party




SOS Mother’s Day Luncheon


SOS Mother’s Day Luncheon

Quarterly Game Night

Quarterly Game night

FCC Game Night 2016.5.19

Curran & Katie’s Work Party Day

Curran & Katie's Work Party

Curran & Katie’s Work Party

Women’s Annual Luncheon


Women’s Fellowship Luncheon at the Swiss Hotel 2016.5.10


Women’s Fellowship Luncheon

FCC Burlingame Hall

Women’s Fellowship Annual Luncheon 2015


Church Happenings and Events and FCC’s New Sign

FCC Sonoma CA

Rose Pruning Party