Restorative Justice

Elle Dowdy poem (lost her daughter on 2/9/2009 to drunk driver Alan) 

 What If 
What if, the word that frees
our hearts and souls is simply ‘yes’?
As we reach to open the door to love,
we realize we are on the inside of
God’s own heart – a heart filled with
Infinite Love, Wild Joy,
and Unspeakable Grace.
We find we reside in an Ocean of Acceptance
that is our home, our starting point,
our birthright, inheritance and
the ‘great jumping off place’.
What if this is the Secret and the
pearl of great price (value) – that when we say
‘yes’ to the Bright Light of Love –a fire is kindled in us that burns
bright and hot and steady.  A holy fire which burns up all that is not Love and fills us with Love Itself?

What if?

“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.”Abhay Kumar

Love Wins

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