Seven Sacred Pauses 2017.5.28

Monastics pause seven times a day to connect with God. The pauses are built into the rhythm of the day, always there to beckon the disciple back to center.

• The Night Watch is a pre-dawn prayer- the invitation is to deep listening, surrender and trust.

* The Awakening Hour happens at dawn and celebrates the new day with praise and resurrection, joy and delight.

* The Blessing Hour is a middle of the morning pause wherein we ground ourselves in the Spirit and ask to bring breathe and blessing to our work.

• The Hour of Illumination, at midday, is a time to nourish our bodies, recommit to the service of others, and to pray for peace.

• The Wisdom Hour, at midafternoon, invites us to reflect on the impermanence and graciousness of life.

The Twilight Hour, happens as evening begins, and calls us to slow down as we make the transition from work to home and express praise and gratitude.

• The Great Silence, the last hour before sleep, is when we review the day, ask for forgiveness and strength, and surrender ourselves to Love’s leading.