Labyrinth and Butterfly Garden

The labyrinth in the northwest corner of our property was dedicated in 2004 and is currently undergoing a major upgrade. It provides a shaded, meditative spot for walking, as well as memorial benches. It is being totally renovated in spring 2019 to provide a sturdier, more attractive surface and lower maintenance.

Next to the labyrinth, the monarch butterfly garden is a joint project of the church’s earth care committee, the adjacent state historic park and the Valley of the Moon garden club.

Together, they create a small oasis where people can meditate and enjoy nature.

Photo by Alan Durfee

photo of Labyrinth

Labyrinth Facing Gen. Vallejo’s Field

Labyrinth Facing Sanctuary photo

Labyrinth Facing Sanctuary

photo of Labyrinth Facing Gen. Vallejo's Field

Labyrinth Facing Gen. Vallejo’s Field

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