Our worship service is a mix of traditional with progressive methods from time to time, representing our loving, energetic, and diverse congregation. Worship services 8:30 a.m. (reflective tone) and 10:30 a.m.

Families are welcome! Visit our new Sunday School classroom/Nursery in the Community Room. Nursery care is available from 10:30 a.m. until the end of Worship. Children ages 5 to 12 are excused for Sunday school’s ‘Godly Play’ early during the Worship Service.

We are an active, diverse set of folks. Some of us are involved in advocacy as individuals, as small groups, sometimes as large groups. That’s one way to work at issues like peace, justice, environmentalism and many more issues. Sometimes we agree, and sometimes we fall on multiple sides of an issue. That’s healthy.

BUT…We set all that aside for one hour a week, when we come together to worship. We have a congregational policy that we do not do advocacy or make political statements during this hour, because, for some of us, that ruins our worship experience.

Prayer request time and announcement time are NOT open mic at a town hall meeting, not a time to state our advocacy positions or chastise each other.

We respect our fellow worshippers so try to save those comments for after the service and the rest of the week.

Committee: Brian Smucker, Chair; Taras Lumiere, Bev Pearson, Janet Volkman, Elizabeth Palmer, Nancy Ladd, and Curran Reichert.


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All Are Welcome