Guest Preacher – Trust Hilton

“…Christ’s church has been around for nearly 2000 years…The Church has survived against all odds. We’re shrinking in numbers, we’re not finished. This is not the end…

Guest Preacher

Guest Preacher – Trust Hilton

It is time to rediscover the true riches of our tradition: the love, the community, the music, our stewardship of the earth, and our passion for forgiveness…

The Christianity to come requires no peer pressure. It requires no endorsement from the Empire and no reliance on rigid patriarchal structures. The Christianity to come is able to respond to complex identities, deep skepticism, and fast-paced life styles. The Christianity to come that I see represented in this community today will reclaim the importance of right relationships over individual gains or comforts.

The size of the Church is waning – but if we peek ahead, we see it does so with the promise of resurrection.” ~ Trust Hilton