Taize Service

Regular Taize Services return to Sonoma Valley:

From 2009 to 2011 Ecumenical Taize services were held at a different church in the valley every month. Sensing a growing need for gentle and reflective space in our increasingly busy lives, a small group of dedicated people recently met and decided it was time to bring these services back again. The group will gather in the beautifully renovated, fully accessible sanctuary of  Sonoma’s First Congregational Church (United Church of Christ) at 252 West Spain St., Sonoma, the second Friday of every month from 4-5pm.

Taize, is a village in France is where the Brothers of an ecumenical religious community reside. Since the mid 50’s, young adults have been gathering by the thousands on the hillside of this little village, to meet one another, pray, and discover how they can be messengers of hope and reconciliation in their own life situations. The community was founded in 1940 by a young 25 year old Swiss Protestant theologian, Brother Roger Schutz who soon became an icon of reconciliation in the lives of individuals and among churches around the world. 

After the start of World War II, the small village of Taize was close to the demarcation line that divided the portions of France controlled by German forces and the French Vichy government. It was, the community said, strategically located for welcoming refugees, including Jews hiding from the Nazis. Warned that German forces were aware of their activities, Roger and his sister, Genevieve, left in autumn 1942 but returned in 1944. In the interval, a few other religious brothers had joined the order in Taize. Today, more than 100 brothers — Catholics and Protestants — from more than 25 nations are members of the community.

Taize services are grounded in the sung repetition of simple Christian phrases; like “Where love and charity are found, there is God. ( Ubi Caritas)” The experience of singing these phrases over and over again nourishes the heart on a deep non-verbal level. The chants are interspersed with reflective readings, prayer, and silence. You will leave feeling refreshed and calm.

While the service itself is open to everyone, instrumentalists or singers interested in becoming part of this ecumenical service. please contact Jim McFadden at 707 815-2673.



Beautiful songs we have sung in church. Take a listen.