Spiritual Practices

Spiritual PracticesWinter is a perfect time to asses our personal spiritual practices, to notice how they have changed over the years, and to explore fresh new ideas for touching the heart of spiritual depth. Beginning mid-month, you are invited to join me in a Spiritual Practices Circle.We will explore ancient methods of prayer such as The Examen and The Four Stranded Garland. Additionally, we will learn from present day prophets like Mary Oliver and Anne LaMotte.“Kingdom people” don’t happen by accident. Their living is bound by a common thread of intentionality. The great mystic Thomas Merton once said, “The only difference between prayer and the rest of our lives is intention.” As we enter afresh a new year, may we renew our intentions to route ourselves in the practices of our faith.In doing so perhaps we will find greater strength and courage to be living examples of love. ~ Rev.Curran