Stand Up & Rally for Earth Care Sept 8 in San Francisco

Stand Up & Rally for Earth Care Sept 8 in San Francisco: RISE FOR

Hello Advocates for Earth Care,

Gov. Jerry Brown is hosting a “Global Climate Action Summit” in San Francisco, September 12-14.  This hopefully will build the resistance to the Trump Administration’s “climate science denial” while mobilizing and leading positive solutions for climate action—for  “Earth Care!”

On Saturday, September 8 there will be the largest climate demonstration ever held in this country to precede Gov. Brown’s Climate Action Summit.”   RISE For Climate, Jobs + Justice is being organized by and by co-sponsors including our very own United Church of Christ (UCC).   Another RISE sponsor is the North Bay Organizing Project (NBOP) with which FCCS has been working this past year.

Below are web links to on RISE and how to sign up if you plan to join us on September 8.  Another link below highlights the partnership that formed earlier this year.  Of course, you know that our very own May Boeve is Executive Director for


Because this Sept 8 event comes so soon on the heels of August vacations, and given the Earth Care Committee’s other current projects (organizing for October 29 Our Children’s Trust climate lawsuit in Eugene, OR; our new Monarch butterfly habitat garden), the Earth Care Committee is only prepared to let you know what we as individuals can do to join the climate demonstration in San Francisco.

Logistically, you can simply sign up for round trip transportation via charted RISE Marin or Sonoma Buses. Several of us have already reserved seats to depart on Sept. 8 from Petaluma at 9 AM to arrive downtown San Francisco by 10, then return later that day at 3:30 from SF.   Round trip bus fare is $30!   (Earth Care Scholarships are available).

Here is the web link to sign up for a bus ride to and from San Francisco: (be sure to select Petaluma as city if that is your preference)

Please let me know if you plan to sign up for the RISE event, and if you plan to take advantage of the chartered RISE bus service.

In early September,  we will see how many have signed up to participate on Sept. 8.   We can then meet to work out a plan for meeting  and marching together in SF. As a UCC Creation Justice Church, our FCCS can hopefully be well represented.

Any questions, suggestions, concerns,  let me know.   Looking forward to taking action together for Earth Care!

John Donnelly,

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Information & Sign Up for RISE for Climate, Jobs + Justice

Rise for Climate and the UCC-350 Partnership
As an outgrowth of a partnership with 350, the UCC Council for Climate Justice is co-sponsoring the Rise for Climate marches taking place across the country on or near September 8th. To further strengthen the UCC-350 connection, Tom Hocking and the Rev. Donna Schaper now serve as UCC liaisons to 350. Hocking will keep us informed of 350 events and offerings, while Schaper will provide reflections like this one entitled “Rise for Climate: A 40-Day Practice.