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Jan Richardson painting

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4.5.2020 Some of our Online ZOOM meeting participants — click to enlarge

Sunday, March 22, 2020 Sermon, Songs, Reading

This Is the Dawn
This is the DawnThe Awakening Hour

Sermon 2020.3.22
Seven Sacred Pauses- The Inward Journey, Part 1

Sunday, March 29, 2020 Sermon, Songs, Reading

You Are Not AloneSeven Sacred Pauses
The Hour of Illumination —  You Are Not Alone

For The Beauty of the EarthFor The Beauty of The Earth
Rev. Curran Reichert and Stephanie Ozer, pianist

"Grammy Can't Cook"Sermon 2020.3.29
Going Inward, Part 2 “Grammy Can’t Cook”

Sunday April 5, 2020 Sermon, Songs, Reading

Mid-MorningSeven Sacred Pauses, Part 3 — Mid-Morning

'The Poet Thinks About the Dokey'The Poet Thinks About the Donkey’
by Mary Oliver and read by Janet Volkman

Sunday, April 12, 2020 Sermon, Songs, Sermon

Seven Sacred Pauses — Mid-Afternoon
Song: My Grateful Heart

The Great Perhaps
Sermon 2020.4.12

To listen to all of Curran’s songs, please click here.

Sunday, April 19, 2020 Sermon, Songs, Reading

Thursday, April 23, 2020 Reading, Songs

Sunday, May 1, 2020 Sermon and Song

Sunday, May 10, 2020 Sermon and Song

Sermon: “To Be Brave

song: “We Are Each Others’ Angels included in sermon

Sunday, May 17, 2020 Sermon, Song, Meditation

Carl Oser – ‘Love’s In Need

May 21, 2020 Reading, Sermon, Song

Rev. Phil Porter John 17: 1-11

Rev. Pat de Jong ‘Spirit of Witness’

Pat Noel plays the harp and sings ‘The Touch of God’s Hand’

May 28, 2020 Song, Sermon, Song