Camp Caz

It’s time to sign up for Camp Caz! Come join in the fun with our U.C.C. friends from the Danville and Santa Rosa U.C.C. churches. Come for the fresh air, the fellowship, arts & crafts, games, great food, hiking, swimming, relaxing, the slab dance, worship in the redwoods, and so much more.

Camp is scheduled for TBD. The attached registration form details the plans available for your participation. Please submit your registration form with your check (made out to FCC with a memo of “camp”) to the church office as soon as possible to reserve your bunk.

Hope to see you at camp! Download your registration form by clicking here!!

Susan Kelchner

Camp Caz Family Fun

Camp Caz Family Fun

Directions to Camp Caz

Camp Cazadero 23500 King Ridge Road Cazadero, CA 95421


Take the River Road exit off Hwy 101, four miles north of Santa Rosa. Turn left over the freeway. Follow River Road through Fulton, Guerneville (where it becomes 116), and Monte Rio.

Turn right 3.1 miles beyond Monte Rio onto Cazadero Highway. Proceed 6.3 miles to the town of Cazadero. One mile from the center of Cazadero, take the right fork onto King Ridge Road (UCC Camp sign is posted here). Proceed 1/4 mile and turn right at the “T” intersection (this is still King Ridge Road). Continue about 4 miles on King Ridge Road to another sign (Camp Cazadero).

Turn left, go 2 miles on this road which leads into Camp Cazadero.

It is 6 miles from the center (monument) of the town of Cazadero to the parking circle at Camp Cazadero.

Travel Time to Cazadero:

  • From San Francisco…………….2-1/2 hours
  • From Santa Rosa………………. 1 hour

Rev 11/02/18

Happy Memories • Fun Times • Good Food • Great Friends

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2016-10-1-Gitte and Tyler

2016-10-1-Veda and Margie

2016-10-1-Caz Musicians

2016-10-1-Kids Playing

2016-10-1 Vesper Point

2016-10-1- Beautiful Trees

2016-10-1-Tie-Die Fun

2016-10-1-Tie-Die Friends

2016-10-1-Tie-Die Queen

2016-10-1- Football

2016-10-1- Camp Musicians

2016-10-1- Kristina Singing

2016-10-1- Garen Strumming

2016-10-1- Steven Playing

2016-10-1- Camp Illustrators!

2016-10-1- Janice and Bill

2016-10-1- Craft Supplies

2016-10-1- Talented Artist

2016-10-1- Loom Made by Ellen

2016-10-1- Crafty Linda

2016-10-1- Lory Concentrating

2016-10-1- Ellen's Purse

2016-10-1- Susan and Friend

2016-10-1- Steven and Tyler

2016-10-1- Bill and His Juju Stick

2016-10-1- Whitteling Away

2016-10-1- Best of Friends

2016-10-1- Friends

2016-10-1- Listening to Music

2016-10-1-Wonder What She's Thinking!

2016-10-1- Veda and Her Flute

2016-10-1- Curran's Drum

2016-10-1- Lovin' It

2016-10-1- Ruth Knitting

2016-10-1- Anyone for a Game?

2016-10-1- Kids Playing

2016-10-1- Tug 'o War

2016-10-1- Secret Buddy Gift

2016-10-1- View from Vesper Point

2016-10-1- Vesper Point

2016-10-1- Sign

2016-10-1- Vesper Point

2016-10-1- Vesper Point Table

2016-10-1- Cross

2016-10-1- Vesper Point

2016-10-1- Path to Vesper Point

2016-10-1- Snack Time

2016-10-1-Snack Time Gamers

2016-10-1- Wonderful Snacks

2016-10-1- Yum Yum

2016-10-1- Kathy and Bill

2016-10-1- Gathering for the Hike

2016-10-1- Hiker Group

2016-10-1- Off We Go

2016-10-1- More Hikers

2016-10-1- Ancient Manzanita

2016-10-1- Ancient Bay Tree

2016-10-1- Ancient Bay Tree

2016-10-1- Redwood Lodge

2016-10-1- Forest

2016-10-1- Squirrel Footprints

2016-10-1- Tree Lichen

2016-10-1- Tree Stump

2016-10-1- Tree Stump Up Close

2016-10-1- Beautiful Area

2016-10-1- Tyler With the Big Book

2016-10-1- Nap Time

2016-10-1- Jewelry Making

2016-10-1- Craft-making Never Stops

2016-10-1- What Is it?

Photos by Kathy Aanestad


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