Circles of 8

“Circles of Eight are maybe my favorite extra-curricular thing we do. I look forward to being in a Circle with each and every one of you.” ~ Mary Evelyn Arnold

In Circles of Eight, members and friends of the Church, singles or couples, get together in small groups (of eight people, more or less) in a social setting, usually in the evening. These gatherings provide an opportunity for members, new and old, to get to know each other outside of the Sunday morning worship and fellowship hour. It is a lot of fun and a wonderful opportunity to meet new people or learn more about one another.

The coordinators put a group of eight people together who meet once a month for dinner or a special Circles of Eight event. The group meets four times per session at a different home or location. All guests contribute a dish, drink or other element of the dinner (or lunch) so that the burden of cooking and preparing is shared.

This is not limited to sharing a meal together: Circles of Eight have gone on a boat ride in the Bay, visited a play or musical, and have gone on a picnic in a vineyard.

When and where we meet:
Meet once a month, usually in the evening, at a chosen home or location.

Coordinator: Gitte Cochrane