"No act of kindness,

no matter how small,

is ever wasted"

- Aesop


Give Automatically

Use auto pay (e-check) to deduct from your bank account,

or online Bill Pay

Give Online with PayPal

Mail a check to:
First Congregational Church

252 W. Spain St

Sonoma, CA 95476


Other Ways to Give to FCC Sonoma

Contact the Church office to discuss stock transfers,

endowments and estate planning


Stewardship is a lifestyle of accountability and responsibility. Stewards see themselves as the caretakers of all Gods' gifts. Faithful giving is a way of thanking God for our blessings by returning to God a portion of the many gifts that we have been given. Stewardship is the commitment of one’s self and possessions to God’s service.


God has given us gifts of time, talents, and treasures, which are a means to grow our faith through service and sharing in the joyful and loving community of our church. Stewardship is giving of your time and talents by participating in one of the many ministries of FCC Sonoma and by contributing financially to our church.




Estimate Your Giving

Why Estimate?

Every Fall, we ask our members to provide us with an estimate of what they plan to give to the church in the coming year. This Estimate of Giving (formerly called a pledge) is an important spiritual exercise, which allows you to reflect on the gifts God has given you and express your thanks by giving back. It also models the importance of your spiritual life and your commitment to a growing relationship with God and with your church.


Consider the variety of financial commitments you have in your life – mortgage payment or rent, utilities, insurance, savings, etc. Your Estimate of Giving can help you to be systematic in your giving, and not just be a part of what is left over after all other commitments are met.


Your Estimate of Giving Matters

Each year FCC Sonoma creates an operating budget based on the total amount of income expected to be received from our members and friends. The budget is the foundation for the next year’s planning and helps us continue to be a growing and vibrant church.


How Much Should I Give?

Please be aware that current Estimates of Giving range from $100/year to more than $10,000/year. So much depends upon your own life circumstances as well as your commitment to the church. The average gift this year is $2,600.


What matters most is that your financial giving to FCC Sonoma is made out of love and hope. We want it to come from your heart, so we simply ask that you prayerfully and carefully consider what sort of gift you feel called to make.


You may want to consider a percentage of your income to determine the amount of your gift, using the annual or monthly giving charts. You may want to consider a gift of 3 to 5% of your income. If you are currently giving to the church, reflect on your level of giving and consider increasing your gift by 1% of your income.

contact@sonomaucc.org  How to Make an Estimate of Giving

You may make an Estimate of Giving at any time by simply contacting the church office

Changing your Estimate of Giving

There are life circumstances that may result in an adjustment to your Estimate of Giving, either up or down. Contact Treasurer via the church office to adjust your pledge.

Status updates

An update of your giving to the church will be sent to you three times a year.