Church Council

A committee consisting of the Moderator, Vice Moderator, Treasurer, Secretary and five members at large who are elected at the annual meeting. Our mission concerns the health, vitality, and viability of the congregation, as well as longer term factors affecting the church’s future growth and sustainability.

We are the governing body of the Church and shall act in all legal matters with respect to the affairs of the Church. In ministering to the needs of our Members and the Community, we transact business and set policies and procedures, which reflect the purposes and goals of the Church. One year term.

When and where we meet:
Meet the second Thursday of each month, 2 pm. Community Room

Chair or contact person: Susan Kelchner – Moderator
Members: Cathy Webber – (Secretary), Kim Pack – (Vice Moderator), Barry Tanis – (Treasurer), Dotty Abbott, Lory Campagna, Jane Hutchinson, Brian Smucker and Curran Reichert, ex officio.