Property and Finance

A committee of nine members including the Treasurer. Property & Finance (P&F) is responsible for overseeing and managing the physical and financial resources of the church, consistent with the church’s mission, to best meet the needs of the church, its members, and the community.

Develop a financial budget for each year, and monitor actual income and expenses versus the budget. Request budgets and needs from all the other committees in the church each year to incorporate into the budget. Monitor the facilities and grounds to identify problems and needs. Complete repairs and maintenance on the facilities and grounds, as needed. Count the offering each Sunday. Two year term.

Manage relationships with all tenants: negotiate leases, manage ongoing relationships, resolve issues.

When and where we meet:
Meet the third Thursday of each month, Community Room

Chair or contact person: Bill HutchinsonMembers: Susan Kelchner, Pat Noel, David McFarland, Janet Engelbrecht, Bill Harris and Vic Conforti.

First Congregational Church of Sonoma, CA