Worship Committee.

The mission of the Worship Committee is to nurture a faithful, vibrant worship life. “We are like the master of a household who brings out of his treasure what is old and what is new.” Matthew 13:52. The committee consists of six members, with one-third elected each year.

We explore, we plan, and we sit in the sanctuary. We try to find a happy balance for the worship service and the congregation. The Worship Committee is responsible for assisting the Minister in the spiritual affairs of the Church, coordinating Church Membership related matters and assisting with the worship service by arranging for ushers, greeters, flowers, deacon and liturgists. Three year term.

When and where we meet:
Meet the third Thursday of each month, 7pm, Community Room.

Chair or contact person: Tim Boeve
Committee Members: Alexanne Bassett, Taras Lumiere, Bev Pearson, Janet Volkman, Elizabeth Palmer, and Curran Reichert.

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