Our church community is one that enjoys engaging with each other in ways that foster new friendships and supports lasting relationships.  We offer a variety of ways to connect, from old-fashioned pot-lucks and game nights to new and fun events like a barn dance and potato bar.


Each Sunday, we pitch in to support our fellowship hour that follows the 10:30am service. Fellowship hour provides an opportunity to chat with other church members and guests over Fair Trade coffee and teas, and snacks brought in by members.  And, we celebrate those with a birthday each month on the first Sunday of the month with a delicious homemade cake.  

During the turn of the seasons, we celebrate the beginning of the season with an ice cream social at the beginning of summer and soup, salad and meaningful conversation in the fall.




For those who like to share dinner together, Circles of 8 is for you!  Throughout the year, our members gather in small groups, no larger than eight, to get to know each other over meals. Generally, a group will meet about once a month over a period of four months in homes or in restaurants.  This is a fun and wonderful way to meet people and learn more about each other.   


For those who like to socialize over brunch or lunch, consider joining a Sunshine Group.  Like Circles of 8, these groups gather to share a meal on a monthly basis. 



Each summer, we enjoy being in nature at Sugar Loaf State Park.  Since the park is close to Sonoma, people have the choice to camp, come up for the day, or join us for dinner and star gazing from our camp site or at the Ferguson Observatory. Camping is a wonderful way to enjoy the wonder and beauty of nature together.