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We laugh freely and rejoice in the wonder of God’s love and care, while investing our energy, our courage, and our creativity in building a world of justice and equal opportunity for all.


We affirm our high calling to care for all creation and to seek justice for the oppressed, ever-conscious of the socioeconomic dimensions of climate change and ecological disruption and its effects on global inequality.

We are spiritual seekers who embrace Jesus’ message of love and compassion, and often find ourselves more comfortable with questions than answers. We value science, culture, and the wisdom of other religious traditions.

In the spirit of love, we welcome people of every age, economic status, ethnicity, physical ability, nationality, race, religious background, and sexual orientation to participate fully in all aspects of our church’s life and ministry.



Rev. Dr. Curran Reichert, Pastor


Rev. Tim Boeve

May 16, 2022


Dear FCC Community,

Any thoughts I might have had about this time with you being a routine experience of ministry (whatever that might be) is already altered. Much is happening here at FCC on individual levels as well as with your collective work of ministry in the community.

Hiking the Overlook Trail a few mornings a week with Vic Conforti has been a treat, not to mention provided needed exercise. Seeing Todd and Marge in the hospital and experiencing their mutual affection and care for each other has been heart-warming.

There are several of you who I am getting to know for the first time--a couple of you each week, as time and our mutual schedules permit. That continues to be delightful (Thanks, Kat Allen). Plus, other unplanned connections like running across Mary Evelyn Arnold at Staples who looked at me with amusement as I hadn’t removed my bicycle helmet, or the baseball cap underneath. (MEA’s thought bubble: “Is this nerdy looking guy our minister?”) No, she was very polite in calling attention to my head garb, which I had neglected to remove, and I am glad she did. Afterall, I have an image to uphold! Hmmm!  

And just a few minutes ago I was a guest on Ken Brown and friends Hey Neighbor KSVY Radio Show. His co-host was a fellow named George (not Webber) who has a significant connection at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center. George asked me what I preached about in my first two Sundays. Imagine that!

This past Monday being with the Earth Care Alliance team so impressed me with the scope of what they are involved with these days. For example, they are planning and hosting a lecture, titled “Climate Change: The Problem and How to Fix It,” with Dr. Julio Friedmann, on Tuesday, June 7th 7:00 p.m., at Burlingame Hall. Dr. Friedman is an expert on carbon removal from the atmosphere, so the lecture promises to be stimulating and maybe even a little controversial. I hope you will join us if you are in town that evening. ECA (in the person of Jan Edwards) is also engaged with the Earth Care Club at Sonoma Valley High School and will be a presence with the students on Friday, May 20th around 1 p.m. on the Plaza to bring attention to the Youth V. Gov documentary and that unfolding saga. Join us there if you want to take a stand up for climate justice. Then there are the monthly nature outings, and more…

I am really looking forward to meeting with the FCC Neighborhood Groups three of which are already scheduled for Sunday the 22nd and then with two smaller groups combining on Sunday the 29th. Now remember all of this is about CONNECTING: my/our theme for these three and a-half months. I should add connecting and enrichment, as happens when true connections are made.

Thanks for welcoming me so heartfully and generously, bringing much enrichment to my life.


FCC Sonoma

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