FCC Sonoma is excited to offer many ways to be together in Christian love.  Our Sunday gatherings are hosted on Zoom at 8:30am (pausing for summer through September 1) and in person at 10:30am. Details for the current Sunday's services can be found by clicking the "This Week" tab located at the top of this page. Our Earth Care Team offers monthly learning opportunities and spiritual walks, our Social Action Team organizes outreach activities, and our Thrift Shop is open every Saturday from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.! We enjoy being together to pursue new ideas and grow spiritually, to seek justice and serve those in need, and to advocate for the care of the earth.  We invite you to join our community of love, acceptance, and service.  Click here to learn about our Mission and Values.  Click here to contact us directly.


We laugh freely and rejoice in the wonder of God’s love and care, while investing our energy, our courage, and our creativity in building a world of justice and equal opportunity for all.


We affirm our high calling to care for all creation and to seek justice for the oppressed, ever-conscious of the socioeconomic dimensions of climate change and ecological disruption and its effects on global inequality.

We are spiritual seekers who embrace Jesus’ message of love and compassion, and often find ourselves more comfortable with questions than answers. We value science, culture, and the wisdom of other religious traditions.

In the spirit of love, we welcome people of every age, economic status, ethnicity, physical ability, nationality, race, religious background, and sexual orientation to participate fully in all aspects of our church’s life and ministry.

Rev. Dr. Curran Reichert, Pastor


The slightly irreverent Reverend Dr. Curran Reichert has been stirring up “good trouble,” and serving up questions that challenge us to grow spiritually for the past seven years at FCC. She believes in the power of Spiritual community to be a force for good in the world. Curran is highly educated and completely dedicated to making Sonoma Valley a more just and equitable place.

Throughout the Valley, Rev. Reichert lends her perspective as a faith leader to addressing the need for fair housing and worker justice. She has been a leading voice concerning fair treatment of those without permanent shelter. She is committed to doing her part to end racial bias and deconstruct colonialism in the church and in our community.

Rev. Reichert also understands that Christianity can be scary for people who have suffered abuse, or oppression due to bigotry and religious intolerance. She creates what she hopes will be a safe entry point for those seeking the support of a radically inclusive community of faith. Her motto is “Purpose, Presence, and Practice,” she embodies all three.

We love our pastor, and we think you will love her to. If you would like to make an appointment to meet with Rev. Reichert, receive prayers, or a visit from our support team, send her a message or call the church office at 707.996.1328.

Rev. Reichert often says, “FCC is the place you would want to go to church if you went to church.” We are a gathering of spirited people who care about earth justice, speaking out about injustice, tending to the vulnerable, and learning to find common ground, these are the relevant earmarks of our congregation. We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings either online at 8:30 (pausing for summer through September 1) or in person at 10:30.


Notes from the Pastor

July 22, 2024


Communication is merely an exchange of information, but connection is an exchange of our humanity.
Sean Stephenson

Beloved Community,

How we communicate about difficult things matters. Words matter more than we give them credit for. We know this in our hearts because of the off moments when we have used words carelessly and seen how our words can wound. We know this because of the incredible moments we have experienced in our own lives when simple words of love held the power to heal a million hurts.

The world witnessed an assassination attempt on a former president this month, and the consensus is that violent political rhetoric was the culprit. It is ironic, and often infuriating, that the same words that can be used for good are as often employed with ill intent. Words matter, because they have the capacity to shape and influence reality.

By now, hopefully you have heard about Project 2025. This is a document that is over 900 pages of manipulated words that have the power to undo hard won battles for equal rights, immigration advancement, land justice, and restrictions that insure term limits.

The values we hold as a community of faith are undermined by this document. It is therefore important that we familiarize ourselves with the intentions of its authorship. It is most certainly not about preserving the freedom of religion, and there is nothing in this document that evokes the love about which Jesus preached. Its creators make claims to the contrary and we need to be educated so as not to be deceived by untruth.

On Saturday, July 27, there will be 'anti-project 2025' rallies in most cities. I will be there as a faith leader, I hope you will join me.


Interested in reading Project 2025? You can download it here:

Or read Anne Nelson’s synopsis for the Washington Spectator written in March. https://washingtonspectator.org/project-2025-the-latest-plot-against-america/

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